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Sound Deadener and Insulation


Choosing the sound deadening material is a critical and fateful stage that dictates the overall result of the operation

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MAT66 sound insulation materials

MAT66 are premium-quality sound insulation materials for cars at best price. Installation of MAT66 materials will provide for more comfort when driving. You will not hear the noises from road, engine or muffler, as well as the noise of rain falling on top of your car like before. Your audio system’s sound quality will become clearer. The plastic panels of the compartment and dashboard will not rattle anymore.

MAT66 sound insulation materials have:

  • Anticorrosion properties. This will additionally protect your car from corrosion.
  • Waterproofing. This prevents the ingress of water and oxygen into the vehicle body.
  • Self-adhesion properties. You will not need to think about choosing and buying glue.
  • Low thermal conductivity. This will help to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your car.

To install the material in a proper way you will require:

  • gloves, not to cut your hands against the edges of the aluminum foil
  • piece of cloth, to clean the surface
  • degreaser, to remove the grease from the surface
  • roller, to roll down the material to the surface of the car body

The excellent flexibility of MAT66 sound insulation materials provides for its use on the complex-shaped surfaces. High noise abatement performance and low thermal conductivity make it the best among the vibration damping materials for sound insulation purposes.
We constantly take part in the quality improvement and expansion of our product line to meet our the requirements of customers to the fullest extent.

MAT66 sound insulation materials for cars:

  • guarantee the quality
  • eliminate the noise
  • control the temperature
  • offer the excellent price

MAT66 sound insulation materials provide for the right choice of the perfect-quality material at a reasonable price!