Sound Deadening and Insulation

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How to choose the materials?

sound deadening materialChoosing the sound deadening material is a critical and fateful stage that dictates the overall result of the operation.

What should you do to pick the right materials

1. First, clearly define what you want to achieve

Or select from the comprehensive list:

  • I want to make my car sound quieter, insulate it against the road and street noise. Reduce the engine roar.
  • I want to make my car sound quieter and improve the acoustics sound quality.
  • I want to improve the acoustics sound quality and make the doors close softer and quieter.
  • I want to reduce the noise from a certain element (e.g. wheels or engine)
  • I want to make the interior be cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • I want something else…
2. Depending on the desired result, define the elements to treat sound deadening
  • To make the car sound quieter you need to condition: doors, interior floor, firewall, trunk, and ceiling
  • To improve the acoustics sound quality, you will at least have to condition all the doors and the rear shelf (if speakers are located there)
  • To enhance the heat insulation, paste all the interior elements with 2 layers of materials, where the second layer will be the efficient heat insulation
  • By pasting an element, you will likely remove some external noise coming through this element, but you won’t change the overall noise environment inside

Actually, if you are eager to reduce the street noise but not ready to perform full interior sound deadening, start with conditioning the doors. At least, this will improve the overall noise and acoustics sound quality.

3. Having defined the subject elements, you need to define the volume and type of materials

Every manufacturer can provide you with such information. For instance, we show it in the table, in the section INSTRUCTIONS

4. And now you can choose a material manufacturer

We recommend you to visit the Internet giants such as

Then choose the material you can afford:
mat66 the sound deadening material

  • Luxury brand: high quality and fine reputation.
  • Moderate-price material: quite popular and receiving lots of good feedback.
  • Inexpensive but highly rated material.

Numerous positive reviews are a handy factor that can help in choosing a fine-grade sound deadening material. Furthermore, reviews can give you the real-practice information on which elements people worked on and what results they achieved.
Here, for instance, you can find tons of reviews customers leave about our most popular material MAT66 80 mil

General guide to choosing the basic-level sound deadening material for different elements:

  • Interior floor – 50 to 80 mil
  • Interiors wheel arches – 80 + mil two layer applecation
  • Door and trunk lid – 50 to 80 mil
  • Interior ceiling – 50 to 80 mil
  • Trunk – 50 to 80 mil
  • Firewall – 80+ mil

Read more in the instructions section
We hope you will take advantage of what we have told you.
Drive with comfort!